The NAMES Project Southeastern MA., Inc.

"How many NAMES will it take"

The NAMES Project was founded in San Francisco by Cleve Jones. It was organized to illustrate the enormity of the AIDS crises and also to reveal something of the lives behind the statistics.

The sewing of fabric represents the coming together of all the people whose lives have been challenged by AIDS. 

The Quilt has become a patchwork of names to memorialize people whose lives were lost to AIDS. 

Each panel is lovingly and painstakingly created by those left behind.  This a courageous and unselfish act that can be necessary for the healing process.

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The NAMES Project Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc.
96 Lakeside Avenue
P.O. Box 79096
Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747

Phone: 1-800-533-8749 (within Massachusetts)
Fax: 508-992-9273
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