The NAMES Project FoundationChapter Update

New Chapter Receive Official Accreditation

Four community groups recently received accreditation as the newest chapters of The NAMES Project. · NAMES Project Central Florida Sebastian, FL) · NAMES Project Kern County (Bakersfield, CA) · NAMES Project North-Central (Newark, DE) · NAMES Project Southeastern Massachusetts (Dartmouth, MA) All submitted impressive applications which were reviewed and approved by the Chapter Application Review Committee and submitted to an enthusiastic Board at their October Board meeting during the DC ’96 Display weekend. The accreditation of the four groups on October 12, 1996 brings the total number of chapters to 44. Welcome and congratulations to them all!

Removal of Accreditation

With the agreement of the Chapter’s steering committee, the Board of Directors removed the accreditation of NAMES Project Charlotte at its November 1996 Board Meeting. The Foundation regrets the necessity of this decision but believes it is appropriate in light of the Chapter’s inability to continue functioning as this time. Members of the chapter have already expressed interest in supporting formation of a new chapter and steering committee in their area in the near future. The Foundations thanks NAMES Project Charlotte for its tremendous work in the battle against AIDS in North Carolina.

Friends of the Quilt Awards

Congratulations are certainly in order to the 1996 Friends of the Quilt award recipients. Both NAMES Project Cedar Valley and NAMES Project Houston were awarded the honor of Chapter of the Year for 1996; NAMES Project National Capital Area was chosen Partner of the Year; and Beth Milham of NAMES Project Rhode Island was selected Chapter Volunteer of the Year. The enormous amounts of responsibility, skill, tact, teamwork, dedication and logistical finesse employed by these fine people and organizations is to be honored and remembered, as they have consistently and selflessly taken the mission of the NAMES Project and relevance of the AIDS Memorial Quilt into the hearts of their communities.. We commend them, and would like to say once again, “Thank You!”

1997 Regional Chapter Conference

Northeast Region April 4-6, 1996 Syracuse, NY

The conferences are the perfect opportunity to acquire important skills and gather irreplaceable information to help you with your chapter’s work. It is an ideal time to network with other chapter members and regional representatives. This year’s conferences will each focus upon practical leadership skills as well as providing sessions on the topics of your choice - contact our regional representatives, Dave Ketchum, and Harry Ray to express your wishes.

Accreditation Process

During 1997, every chapter will participate in a full application process (Community Needs Assessment, 18 Month Plan, required documents, etc.) for accreditation for the 1998 calendar year. All chapters will receive the 1997- 1998 Chapter Program Guidelines in February.