Message of Hope - 8 year old Paul is now HIV Negative

Some time after Johnny Boy had died, the Politano’s had received a phone call. This call was not from a newspaper, TV talk show, radio or national publication seeking information on their personal tragedy. This phone call was from the State of Massachusetts asking if they would consider being foster parents to a HIV+ child of two months old.

The Politano’s said “No.” What they agreed to was adopting this 2 month old baby. Well, that was eight years ago, and on that special night of our fund raiser, Ma and Pa introduced to us their adopted son Paul.

Paul is a very bright, very athletic young man who enjoys playing soccer and is receiving his blue belt in karate very soon. Yes, Ma is a soccer mom!

The news gets much better! Paul is now HIV negative! Paul is full of life and the Politano’s are quite pleased that he is a part of their lives.

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