Mission of the Community Mini-Grants Program

Investing in the grassroots efforts of volunteer community groups who have the capability, desire and drive to produce positive results in the community is our mission. Through this investment, Mini-Grants have the potential to develop the skills and confidence of concerned people who continue to seek solutions to emerging issues facing our communities as well as recognizing existing talents & strengths within the community. This community building results in the empowerment of our citizens.

In short, success leads to more success.

Goal of the Community Mini-Grants Program

The Goal of the Community Building Mini-Grants Program is to provide small grants to emerging or existing grassroots groups or organizations that focus efforts on locally-identified needs and concerns. Any grassroots-based efforts that strive to improve, strengthen, and build community to enhance neighborhood life will be considered.

Favorable Review is Given to Projects Which:

1. Increase, and encourage grassroots-based community groups who are involved in developing and implementing their own solutions to community-identified problems. 2. Bring community groups together working towards a common goal through community based volunteer, self-help efforts. 3. Develop or have the capability to develop relationships with other community organizations and institutions that strengthen and build a stronger, healthier community. 4. Demonstrate a keen interest in the community along with increasing their ability to be truly representative of and accountable to the community they serve. 5. Provide evidence of broad support within the community they represent; become recognized as the leader in their effort. 6. Are community based in the Greater New Bedford area that work to improve the quality of life for a broader community. 7. Display an interest in improving their own leadership, organizational and project management skills by participating in training opportunities.

Thank You Mini-Grants Program

Thank you to the Greater New Bedford United Way Mini- Grants Program. This program is made possible through a partnership of the Greater New Bedford United Way, the Island Foundation and People Acting in Community Endeavors (P.A.C.E.).

Contact Claudia Kirk at the Greater New Bedford United Way for an application and details

1- 508-994-9625 ext. 22

Without this grant, this newsletter would not be possible!