The NAMES Project Foundation

Message compiled from the "how many names will it take?"
1995 Annual Report The NAMES Project Foundation

"We need a lot more love, support, and compassion from religious groups.  If you have to pray about whether or not you're going to respond to people with AIDS, then there's something wrong with your prayer."  The Reverend Cecil Williams, Minister, Glide Memorial United Methodist Church

"I've made 35 panels for the Quilt.  I had to do something for my friends who would have been forgotten, because without the Quilt they would have disappeared forever.  Often their families and other friends disowned them."  Elena Montez, Panelmaker San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

"The only request that our son made as he lay dying of AIDS was to be in the Quilt.  Together, our family made his panel.  There is no greater weapon in this war."  Cece and Saul Levinson

"The message for October's display of the entire Quilt is that we can beat this disease.  The lives of millions of men, women and children around the world can be saved if we fight very hard and remain strong."  Cleve Jones, Founder of The NAMES Project

If you would like to form a Chapter of The NAMES Project in your area of the country,
contact Eric Christiansen
, Associate Director for Chapter Relations.

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